Sunday, January 8, 2012

                                         Kongu Food   ( Continued)

In culinary it is said "The best of Ingredients gives the best of results" very true to get the right taste , texture and final presentation. Now Cookery is going to new heights with the entry of different types of cuisine, so the Indian food is going to new heights with love for FOOD, Yeah SAMAYAL (that is Cooking), In many dishes the ingredients are the same basic ones like ;pepper, chilly, ginger, garlic, onion, spices etc.but the way we put it together and cook to a certain consistency differs hell of a lot--- that is regional cooking . Food is very subjective to what you like, be it Chettinad, Kerala or Goan.

Now, let us take RASAM, a very simple dish that goes well as a starter on Indian menus, actually this is eaten with a good fistful of rice in the south and has many tales of its own culinary delight, this simple dish varies from state to state in taste .

Rasam is made in many families in the Kongu region, considered as a digestive food , also for cold; a lot of importance is given to Health & Taste when cooking a recipe like this;-

Kozhi Rasam ( Chicken)          ]
Millagu Rasam (Pepper )          ]       Given when someone has a cold and cough.

 Jeera Raam (Cumin)             ]
  Inge Rasam (Ginger)                ]       Good for digestion after a heavy meal

  Poondu Rasam ( Garlic)           ]
  Thakali Rasam (Tomato)           ]
   Dal  Rasam      (Lentil )             ]      Very popular and made for special occasions

The list can go on and on , like Gooseberry, Vegetable, Lime, Pineapple, Curry Leaf, Just plain Tamarind,Coriander, made of special sea food etc,   watch out on this BLOG for more recipes to come. YES! another famous one is the MORE RASAM , made with buttermilk and a must during the summer season

Millagu Rasam ( Pepper)


                        TAKE -OFF      2

Hope every one had a great start for this year 2012, many would have made new resolutions but very few try to abide in this jet set living conditions. Talking about food trends plenty to watch out for as the Industry is dynamic,constantly evolving on research and development, adapting new techniques, restructuring into diversified cooking -- a new concept FUSION COOKING.
The rise of FOOD BLOGS is skyrocketing,not everyone cannot be a Master Chef, but a chef to his own cooking be it the Biryani or the simple Curd Rice or Sambar tried. Many blogger become a Chef De Cuisine in their blogs......

All the best Bloggers and let me continue with my Kongu Foods, I am in a real off-line sphere let us open our palate to different flavours------ cheeeeeeeers let us go blogging but remember NO COPY CATS......