Sunday, October 23, 2011

                                                                           KONGU FOODS ---CONTINUATION

Continuing about the Kongu food and its habits, I have chosen vegetables for a month to study them in depth and their habits the Kongu food recipes are adopted .

Bringal is a very common vegetable that is liked by many south Indians and cooked in many ways according to each region and their tastes. Bringal called KaTHRIKAI in Tamil is classified into many smaller groups when it comes to variety. I have just classified a few that came straight into my mind......

Neelam katrikai---------- Purple Bringal
Pinchu  kathrikai--------- Small tender baby Bringal
Mullu kathrikai-----------This variety has small thorns on the stalk , even the plants have thorns
Neeta kathrikai---------- This is long in shape any size between 3---7 inches..

The Kongu people cook this Bringal in many traditional ways, known as PARAMBARAI SAMAYAL,Here are a few popular dishes that are made=
Kathrikai Kadaisal----in this dish the bringal is roasted on fire and then mashed, can also be boiled and mashed.
Thatta payar Kathrikai Kuzambu----Black eyed peas and Bringal in a spicy Gravy. this has always been a favourite dish of my mother, an excellent combination with steaming white rice.
Kathrikai More Kuzambu----bringal cooked in spicy butter milk.
Kathrikai Puli Kuzambu---Bringal cooked in spicy tamarind sauce , this is the most popular dish.

This vegetable Bringal is also cooked in many other forms, Fried, Pickled etc