Sunday, August 14, 2011


                                                      KONGU NADU


Kong food is not complete without preparation of pulses, Pulses with Cereals and grains provide the main source of food and energy for many people in this region These pulses are used whole or split. The most common varieties are:-

1- Pigeon Pea-( commonly known as toor/ tuvar Dal in India)

2- Green Gram( commonly called Moong Dal/ pachai payar in

3- Horse Gram(known as Kollu in Tamil).

4- Lima Beans( known as Val Dal/ Mochai payar in Tamil).

5- Black Gram(known as Urad Dal/ Pottu Ulundu in Tamil),

6- Cow Peas( Known as Thata payar in Tamil)

7- Beans( commonly known as Rajma in India)