Saturday, July 30, 2011

                                                               Kongu Nadu Food (Continued)

Most Kongu's are related to Agriculture, farming, dairy and live stock, hence lot of Cereals, Pulses, fresh vegetables and fruits with dairy products are available and made use in their recipes and preparation, Though they had no Idea of Macro/Micro Nutrients, carbohydrates,fats,proteins and Calories etc they balanced their own Diets by way of---

**What food is cooling to the Human system

**The food that produces Heat and so on.

With the Two category in food habits--- Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian, Animal proteins of Meat was not an everyday affair for the Non-vegetarians who kept this for weekends or Special occasions, hence the use of Cereals and Pulses became an every day affair in their eating habits

A brief about the Cereals and Pulses they grew and its usage:--


Cereals also known as Grains are rich in Protein, these are the staple food for many people. Some of the most popular Cereals used by Kongu's are , Rice, Millet, Maize  In Rice they grow 2 varieties (short grain and brown Rice0- - In Millet's again two varieties ( Finger millet and Pearl millet) it is known as Ragi, then Maize which is known as Chollam