Sunday, January 23, 2011

                                                                    KONGU NADU CUISINE

Well, I have received a few Mails and Queries . why I was so interested  in Kongu Cuisine, and the recipes I am trying to collect. My Ancestors, my Parents are all from this region and to be precise in the heart of Kongu Nadu that is the Tirupur district and incidentally even I was born at my mothers native place, a remote village that hardly had about one thousand houses a few years back. One day as I was sitting and thinking after seeing Chef Jacob's blog and his activity on this cuisine,my mind got triggered  to find out more and share my views with others.

I have eaten this type of food almost daily but never tried to find out from my mother what cuisine she cooked........brainstorming and recalling my old memories I do remember that when we were young there used to be Coconut in almost all the dishes, so also the use of Gingely oil, Pulses, Cereals, Jaggery, Coffee at home those days used to be made with Jaggery or Brown sugar, My Quest for this Kongu cuisine started after seeing Jacobs TV anchorage on Kongu cuisine so I sought he help of friends and Blogger's  for me to upgrade on Kongu cuisine, also had to do a lot of reference on the pulses/cereals with their names ................ my own experience, observations made and my sought after information is really boosting me to share my views on KONGU Cuisine  and the food habits of the people.