Friday, January 14, 2011

                                                                                     KONGU NADU CUISINE   (Continued)

Recalling the research done by Chef Jacob on Ethnic Kongu Nadu cuisine a few years back he explains about a unique dish that he came across, it is the VENNAI PONGAL..... (Butter Rice) at a place known as OOTHUKULI in Tirupur district. Now this village Oothu kuli is famous for its Ghee  and many up market Brands come here to get it and then process it under their Brand, I got to know that people in this village maintain high standards of Hygiene even though they do not have the modern sophisticated equipments , Chef Jacob says that the Vennai Pongal was exotic and tasted brilliant,
 Now, Starting with my recipes on Kongu Cuisine I have got a recipe for Venn Pongal made the Kongu way and contains only dry Items, not even a fresh curry leaf or Green chilly is used except for Fresh Ginger just for flavour, I used this fresh Ginger since I was not able to get Ginger Powder, known as SUKKU podi in Tamil ,
Try this for Pongal 2011 along with this coconut chutney.
                                                                     VENN PONGAL
Raw Rice   1 cup---(Avoid Basmati use Ponni Rice)
Moong Dal   1/4 cup
Black Pepper   1/2 tsp ( coarsely powdered)
Jeera Powder   1 ts
Ginger paste  1 Tsp
Asofetida   1 generous pinch
Cashew nuts   2 tbsp
Butter  4 tbsp
Salt to taste and 5 cups of water,

* Wash the rice and Dal together, drain and keep aside,
*In a Rice cooker heat 2 tbsp of Butter , add rice and Dal and mix well on slow fire till the butter coats the mixture well, Now add the Pepper and Jeera powder, ginger paste and asafoteda, mix well, add the water salt to taste.
*Check and stir frequently so that the mixture does not get stuck to the bottom once cooked dry and well mashed remove and keep on a hot plate,
*In a pan melt the balance butter  and saute the cashew nuts till golden colour and pour over mixture, Mix well and serve