Tuesday, August 3, 2010



Rainy days like Monsoon can occur any time in Chennai when there is a depression in the Bay of Bengal which can prolong more if a cyclonic storm  forms , but Monsoon has its own charm with clouded sky, dark clouds in the evening with silver lining, a flash of lightening and thunders now and then ,.it is  a time to admire mother nature . Those were the days when a Monsoon sets in families had developed a serious way of  munching something  and had a habit of cooking something in particular, some houses used to set up a Tea/Coffee  Counter  with crispy vadais , Bhaji's and chips all homemade.
Now with change in time and nuclear families , husband and wife working monsoon days have become regular days - just put on raincoats/rubber shoes  a good water proof cap and off to work. However the Western ghats of India has its own charm during this time especially in Mumbai ; the so called Bhajiyas or Vadai makers are busy dolling out to their fullest capacity during this time since everyone has the habit of going for a quick bite with a steaming cup of tea then of course not forgetting the famous BATATA VADAI made more spicier for the rains.