Saturday, August 7, 2010

                                                            MONSOON -- (CONTINUED)

As I was preparing this Blog for the monsoon I also happened to get Sanajeev' News Letter and his Menus on " YUMMY RECIPES ITS RAINING",  looks great and Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the great Chefs who can really do superb Fusion food, he is a marvellous inventor , one has to take a lot of trouble try it out and above all taste it .... My recipes on this subject will have a bit of diversification  Innovative food --Ideas--Ingredients of good quality--Impeccable Tastes  and its all fusion...NO  FRILLS; just try this Pancake with what ever you have at home
                                                     BANANA PAN CAKE
Ripe Banana   2 nos
Wheat flour    1 cup
All purpose Flour   1 cup
Sugar   1/2 cup
Egg   1nos
Salt a pinch
Cardamom powder   1/4 tsp
Butter   as required
Honey for Garnishing


This is the way I did it..........
-Put all the Ingredients in the blender except the butter and honey, add enough water and blend well to a good thick Batter consistency for making a Pancake, remove in a bowl and rest for 30 Min's.
- Heat a Nonstick pan when hot pour a ladle of mixture and spread to a 5-6 inch diameter pancake, drizzle some butter on the sides and cook till brown flip over and cook again,
-Remove keep aside and cook the balance , I managed to get only 5 Nos with the above ingredients.
Serve them when hot with honey drizzled on the top......Its delicious for breakfast