Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yes-- making  a Mousse or Souffle is no great deal, all that is required is the exact Quantity and Quality of the ingredients that are used and follow the simple rules in folding and mixing that is it, but do not try to substitute  the quantum used in proportions is very important for setting and giving the right consistency ........Try this............Yummy Mousse

                                                       MANGO MOUSSE       
Mangoes   2 nos --Good ripe ones
Lime Juice   1 tbsp
Sugar   3 tbsp
Salt   pinch
Gelatin  1 tsp
Egg white   2 nos
Cream   2 tbsp

-Wash and cut mangoes , peel skin and make a good pulp in the blender along with the lime juice stir in the sugar- this should yield you 2 cups- keep aside.
-Dissolve the gelatin in  a tablespoon of hot water and add to the puree.
-Beat the egg white with a pinch of salt until they stand in peaks, whip the cream until its stiff and then fold it into the egg white .
-Now fold the Egg white into the Mango puree very gently.
-Now pour this into an individual dish or cups of your choice and chill in a freezer for 2--3 hours until set.

-Before serving use an appropriate garnish of your choice , may be a small thin Slice of fresh Mango...........and there goes your MOUSSE...........