Monday, June 14, 2010


Many people get cheated while looking to buy good quality mangoes like Alphonso; there is another similar type of mangoes known as Sindoori and Kesari which is passed off as the high quality Alphonso.

Now, talking about Mangoes and how they are used in Cuisine in India is very interesting since India has the largest diverse culture in the world spanning over different states and territories:-

Sour and unripe Mangoes--- are used in chutneys and pickles it is also used in cooking side dishes or by adding it with meat and other vegetarian preparation's, Many people eat the raw mango by smearing it with salt and Chilly powder; with the raw mangoes a summer drink known as Panna/Panka is made and this is a very refreshing drink in Summer.
Rip Mangoes---are used to make Juices, Smoothies, Ice Cream,Fruit Bars, Pies, Sorbets and many inventive dishes like mango Pizza also, But what ever said and done nothing like eating a good ripe Mango washed  peeled cut and eaten by itself