Sunday, June 13, 2010



Come Summer !!! In India and King of fruits is every where; Though this King of fruits is around only in mid summer, the Mango season is to start from March and go on for the next Four months till June end when the monsoons are in. Now due to the change in climate conditions the season starts late causing a short supply. The vendors who want to make a fast buck.......go in for artificial riping of fruits by using dangerous chemicals at wholesale Godowns or Mandi's .

Here is  a bit of news I heard on the T.V. Channel the other day in Chennai wherein i Chennai Health Officials  raided a Godown and seized 500 kg of Carbide Stones and 700 kg of Sulphur dust used to ripen fruits artificially and there by they had to destroy about 5000 kg of Mangoes that were ready to be sold to the vendors and such fruits are plenty in the market and it is difficult to choose/inspect and buy when one is in a hurry to do the shopping these days. The best place to buy Mangoes in season is at Super Markets and Fruit  Retailers since they go an extra mile to procure and sell the best though there will be a price difference of 15-20 percent it is worth than going to a Doctor later.