Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello !! here is a recipe , well I saw this on  the T.V.Channels and it was listed as a traditional Pachadi made by the grandmothers in those days and who ever stumbled or rather got the ingredients for this recipe deserves e certificate of merit.......a combination of select spice and raw mango-- here we go
                                                                 SWEET MANGO PACHADI

Cloves   3 nos
Cinnamon   1nos  (5cm length-broken)
Cardamon   3 nos
Green Chilly   2 nos
Jaggery   2 tbsp
Raw Mango   1 Cup  ( wash the mango and cut into small cubes with skin)
Turmeric  powder   1/2 tsp
Oil   2 tbsp ( sesame  Oil is the best)

-Dissolve the jaggery in 1/2 cup water and keep aside.
-In a pan heat the 2 spoons of oil , add the cloves, Cinnamon, cardamon, slit green chilly and saute well , add the mangoes,and turmeric powder and saute on low fire.
-Strain in the jaggery mixture and mix well, at this point let it simmer on very low flame till the mixture reduces and comes to almost a dry consistency.
-Serve with Rice or Chapatti's

This can be preserved for a month in the fridge , Store in an air tight glass jar

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