Sunday, September 27, 2009

BASIC TIPS (Vegetables)

Here are some basic tips on procuring vegetables whether it is from a Super market or from your local vegetable mart, since these are all perishable commodities care has to be taken so that their shelf life in your kitchen does not fall short or lead to messy storage.

**Best way to enjoy vegetables is buy them in season when they are at their best and available at reasonable rates. For example in India Drumstick during summer and Green Peas in winter.

**Look for fresh looking vegetables that are bright in their natural colour.

**Never buy a vegetable that has any brown patch or bruises .

**ONIONS----make sure they have papery dry skins and no sign of sprouting.

**ROOTS AND TUBE VEGETABLES---------When buying potatoes make sure that they have no Green patches, must have wrinkle free skin and no sprouts.In India tubes are removed from their leaves like Carrots, Radish, Beetroot, in case you are buying them with leaves ensure that the leaves are not wilted.

**TOMATOES--------must have No wrinkles and blemishes, skin should be smooth and firm, Bright Red in colour.

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