Saturday, September 5, 2009


**Make sure you have enough time to stand and cook at the range.

**Beginners choose recipes that have less ingredients.

**Do not attempt recipes with complex procedures , you will land up in a mess.

**Read the recipe over and over till you can do it;do not attempt to browse over the recipe while the food is cooking on the range.

**Make sure you have the ingredients and proper Appliances.

**Keep the Ingredients ready near the cooking range on a tray in small appropriate bowls/jars with measuring spoons like teaspoons, tablespoons etc.

**Make sure you wash your hands with soap, wear an Apron and keep Kitchen Towels handy.

**Do not try to use gloves at the range if you do not have the experience and especially Plastic / rubber which is dangerous.

**Observe your cooking process,this helps in understanding the blend and consistency of food that is cooking.

**Do not try to substitute ingredients as a beginner, one needs good experience and food knowledge to do this.

**Make sure you understand all terms for example like Broiling, Poaching, Boiling etc.

**Once you are successful in cooking a recipe share for comments.

**Try recipes of different countries and culture one gains more experience and Foodie knowledge by doing this.

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