Sunday, November 2, 2008

Talking about Payasams, no Kerala Sandhya is complete without serving a Payasam,many people are die-hard fans of Payasam irrespective of age bar. I thought Payasam making was a tedious job, till I stumbled upon Chef Sanjeev Kapoor showing a TV host show on the same in ZeeTV, he called it the' SEVIAN', I simply gave it a try and was really worth it. Nowadays I make this very often and takes only a dash 15 to 20 Min's its nothing special the same old Semiya Payasam the way I make it. it is very simple, tasty with no time at long standing at the cooking range....................



Vermicelli 2 cups

Milk 1 litre

Sugar 6 tbsp

Cardamon 1 tsp(powdered)

Saffron 5 strands

Cashew & Raisins( 1 tbsp each for garnish)

Ghee 3 tbsp


-Heat a non-stick pan and brown the cashew and raisins keep aside, in the same pan roast vermicelli on moderate heat till lightly browned.

-In another deep pan boil the milk and let it simmer for 10 Min's, to this add sugar, vermicelli and cook for 2 minutes stirring.add the saffron strands.

Take the pan off the heat stir in the cardamon , cashew and raisins .

Serve hot or cold.

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