Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shell Fish!!! Which non-vegetarian and seafood lover does not like this, the tastiest sea varieties... the Crabs, Crayfish,Langostinos,Lobsters.Mussels,Oysters Scallops,Shrimps and Prawn. Crab is a favourite of many seafood lovers,many say a good crab soup is a good cure for cold. In India most Crab eaters stay in the coastal areas only and this is due to the fact of easy availability in these places and especially the Southern parts of India,King Crab, Snow Crab and Blue Crab are the most popular ones, here is a signature dish of mine for Crabs and it is called Nandu Masala in Tamil...........



Crabs 4 nos ( Cleaned, remove the top shell and apron below wash thoroughly)

Oil 4 tbsp

Mustard 1 tsp

Curry leaf 1 sprig

Fenugreek seeds 1 tsp

Jeera 1 tsp

Pepper powder 1 tsp

Red Chilly powder 1 tsp

Coriander powder 2 tsp

Turmeric 1/2 tsp

Bay leaf 2 nos

Cloves 6 nos

Cardamon 6 nos

Cinnamon 2 pieces

Onion 1 cup (finely chopped)

Ginger and Garlic 2 tbsp (finely Chopped)

Tomato 1 cup (finely chopped or Puree)

Lemon juice 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Coriander for garnish


-In a large wok or kadai heat the oil add the mustard when it crackles add the jeera, fenugreek, cloves,cinnamon,cardamon, curry leaves and saute add the onions,powders and saute sprinkling a little water on high flame ,add the ginger garlic and tomatoes mixing well.

-Now add the crabs and salt mix well and drizzle a cup of water over it and cook on medium heat for 8-10 Min's.

-When almost dry; remove spoon the lemon juice , garnish with coriander and serve.

Wow a wonderful combination for Rice, Dal..........

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