Saturday, November 1, 2008

However, desserts are NOT the focus of an Indian meal and the variety of these preparations differ from State to State, in Kerala you will find most of their preparations containing coconut and jaggery substituting sugar normal cows milk is avoided and coconut milk is used in the Northern parts of India a byproduct of Milk like Paneer, Kova or Yogurt is used.

Even the ordinary Rava kesari can be made in different ways and flavours , all one needs is to experiment with a bit of the same with different combinations this is another favourite of mine and always takes as little time to make try it RAVA KESARI......................



Rava (semolina) 1 cup

Ghee 3 tbsp

Sugar 1 cup

Water 2 cups

Cardamon 1/2 tsp(powdered)

Cashew nuts & Raisin (1 tbsp each for garnish)

Saffron 4 stands


-In a non stick pan heat the ghee and brown the cashew and raisins , keep this aside.

-In the same pan saute the Rava till it gets slight golden colour and a good aroma comes.

-Now add water, sugar, cardamon,saffron and stir gently on low flame and let it cook , be careful not to allow any lumps.

When it is dry remove, garnish with the cashew and raisin best when served hot

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