Saturday, November 29, 2008

Coffee is another widely consumed stimulant Beverage prepared from roasted coffee beans as commonly known, Coffee dates back to somewhere in the 9th century and originated from Ethiopia and then found its way to the other parts. today the biggest producer of coffee is Brazil.The coffee beans once ripe are picked, processed and dried. the seeds are then roasted at different degrees depending on the desired flavour.In India coffee is grown mostly in the Southern parts of the country, hence the coffee consumers are also a majority in the South, the coffee Estates of Co org are famous.In Tamilnadu coffee is grown at the Hills of Kodaikanal and Nilgiris, the State has its own recipe for coffee and known as and pronounced as Pilter Kappi ....that is FILTER COFFEE. Try this but ensure you have a tradional Filter or percolator that comes in two section the bottom the collector the top that filters through with a small umbrella pressing and an airtight lid on top.



Coffee powder 1 Packet (buy the filter coffee powder available)

Sugar and milk to Taste


-Keep the percolator ready,, put in 6 tsp of coffee in the upper compartment and put the umbrella on.

-Boil 4 cups of water and pour on top of the umbrella and cover the lid, keep aside.

-Ready when dripped through.

-Take the required quantity heat slightly add to very hot milk and sugar to taste, Its ready enjoy your cuppa...

Best get it organised at night so your filtered decoction is ready for the early morning ritual.

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