Saturday, November 29, 2008

Children are never given coffee or tea at many homes considering it harmful, so milk or other health drinks are given.Tea is a very good antioxidant and recommended by doctors also for prevention of Cancer. Tea is synonymous with many words like tea party, tea cosy, tea room , tea bags, tea breaks, tea chest , tea caddy and the most popular measuring used TEA SPOON etc......there is a traditional way of drinking tea and it must never be boiled or even simmered for a long time, I had some Green tea bags and tried this it really tastes good.................but no milk


YOU NEED-----For 2 cups

Green tea bags 3 nos

Crushed fresh Ginger 1 tsp

Sugar to taste


-In a warm tea pot put in the crushed ginger and keep 3 tea bags, boil 2 cups of water and pour into the pot , keep covered for 2 Min's serve strained with minimum sugar .

Keep trying you own concoctions substituting with Mint, Cardamon or any other spices to your taste.

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