Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The other day when I was browsing the Blogs, I did realise that Cooking and Blogging is the best way to exchange ideas, gone are the days I remember when my Mom used to take a daily trip to the grocery shop around the corner to look for some fresh veggies and then decide on her cooking, these days everyone looks for variety and a change in their daily food habits, I remember as a kid those days we used to have a fixed menu even at home for example every Monday the breakfast consisted of Uppuma, the reason was very simple because Sunday was a holiday for the Grinding stone, then came the wet grinders to make availability of the batter in a few minutes without physical manpower, now with the availability of Batter in almost every shops where a freezer is available, so even the wet grinders have gone to rest on the kitchen loft. Try this Kerala speciality for a change the famous Kalan with yummy Yam and Raw Banana...........



Raw Banana 1 nos

Yam 200 gms

Onion 1/2 cup (chopped)

Buttermilk 2 cups

Turmeric 1/2 tsp

Jeera powder 1 tsp

Pepper powder 1 tsp

Mustard seeds 1 tsp

Curry leaf 1 sprig

Salt to taste

Coconut oil 2 tbsp


-Peel the Banana and slice it into round lets also with the yam to the same size of banana slices and boil these in butter milk with the Turmeric powder and salt added, it should be cooked but not mashed or overcooked.

-Heat the coconut oil in a kadai and add the mustard when it crackles add the chopped onion, curry leaves and saute, then add the vegetables and simmer on slow fire for a few minutes, then sprinkle the Jeera and Pepper powders and mix well.

-Garnish with grated coconut(optional), serve with hot steam Rice or Chapati

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