Monday, October 20, 2008

I am finding it confusing on how to categorise these dishes whether as side dish or main dish, because what one Chef calls as Main dish is sometimes termed as a side dish by another person, well it is the choice of the one who is ready to Gulp it here are a few dishes termed as Main course==VEGGIE. Most of the dishes have been tried a couple of times and these have done as good hits on

Try this Vegetable it has no size and a proper shape , grows underground and has become quite a fascinating Culinary Item in a few Restaurants also, that is the YAM ..... you can convert this veggie into a tasteful dish. Remember that vegetables can be diced ,shredded, grated or mashed , can be cooked as curry, stir fried,boiled, steamed depending on the way you want it.Stuffing of vegetables first started in Europe and then spread across the Globe. Chinese like their vegetables to be stir fried thereby it is not cooked wholly but has a crunchy taste, in Continental Food they are boiled and sauteed with butter and herbs, many prefer to have the vegetables served in their natural colour and a bit of care will ensure this result by adding specified salts or Sugar during the boiling process.

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