Monday, October 20, 2008

Creativeness is the joy of cooking. Imagine converting Iddli that is served as a breakfast item in South India can also be served as a Starter. For all Starters arranging in different shapes , drizzling over with sauces, sprinkling with powders and mixes and finaly garnishing, but always remember to garnish with edibles so it can go into the mouthlike crumbled chips, chopped olives,mint, cilantroetc avoid fiery Chilly ,aromatic ginger thatwill create unpleasant tastes.

Now try this Minty Iddli bits.................



Cooked Iddli 6 nos

Mint Chutney 1 cup

Oil for deep frying

Cilantro 3 tbsps ( finely chopped for Garnish)


-Take the Iddlis and cut them horizontaly and apply the mint chutney and press it back, now cut it into four pices if the Iddli's are big or just into two if they are small.

-Heat oil in a kadai , fry the Iddlis on moderate heat , remove and dampen on a tissue .

-Serve on a platter garnished with Cilantro and sauce of your choice either tomato or hot and sour.

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