Friday, September 26, 2008


After being operated and nesting at home, I took over to cooking a bit seriously,of course I do have a good foundation from my Hotel Management career so the knowledge of Nutrition,Calories,Glossary of Ingredients and Measurements etc is at its best. I believe one can learn from everyone that is from your own helper to a Big boss and its really good to learn more.

Well my blogging is going to be practical and as it comes in my way and I firmly believe in NO COPY CAT BUSINESS AND I HATE PLAGIARISM. .It's Fusion and makeshift items substituting Ingredient after an experiment with my own hands but a few receipes will be the traditional ones that are not stereotyped like the Sambar , Porial varitiese etc..........

During my earlier career days I had a stint with "CULINARY INSTITUTE OF AMERICA',organised by the Taj Group of Hotels for whom I was employed that was the time I got to many new recipes and was able to utilise some great tips, now that I have started Blogging,I also get to peep into Blogger kitchens along with creating a special e-bond with others.

I look forward to comments with great anticipation and try to reply as much as possible, So lets keep Blogging it's more of fun and facinating.It is like saying Hello to a friend without seeing him personally--you will agree with me!!

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